Sterling IRB Receives Full AAHRPP Accreditation

Sterling Institutional Review Board is pleased to announce that it has received full accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). Accreditation signals to sponsors and investigators that Sterling IRB provides comprehensive protections for research participants. Sponsors and investigators now have an industry-recognized assurance of Sterling’s commitment to exceed federal regulatory requirements and to continually improve quality and efficiency.

As the "gold seal," AAHRPP accreditation offers assurances to research participants, researchers, sponsors, government regulators, and the general public that a human research protection program is focused first and foremost on excellence not only in protecting research participants, but also in the advancement of more efficient and effective research. More information about AAHRPP accreditation is located at and AAHRPP’s press release regarding Sterling’s accreditation is available at

Ted Green, president and CEO of Sterling Independent Services, Inc., states "We are pleased that Sterling IRB has received AAHRPP full accreditation. We hope that this distinction further demonstrates Sterling’s commitment to excellence.



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